11:56 AM

Watch: Protocols for a New Training Camp

The New York Giants feature team physicians Scott A. Rodeo, MD (sports medicine surgeon at HSS) and James J. Kinderknecht, MD (primary sports medicine physician at HSS) in a video interview about the new protocols for training camp.

Dr. Kinderknecht noted, “What has been developed is an infectious disease emergency response team, that is an entity the NFL mandated which involves several of us. We look at our protocols for cleaning. Everybody is screened every day for symptoms. Players and what we call tier 1 – or the people who are going to be directly related to the players are tested regularly. A lot of mechanisms are in place to ensure that the work environment we create is as COVID free as possible.”

Dr. Rodeo added, “We take a lot of precautious to help our players get back in to it. Although they’re in shape from running, they may not be in football shape by having done football drills. Its carefully monitoring how they respond to their practices. We’ll carefully talk to players about symptoms, and really monitor how they do. There’s no one size fits all - each player is different. The important thing is daily check-ins with the players, daily monitoring by our athletic training staff and our physicians.”

Watch the full interview at Giants.com.