16:35 PM

Surgeons weigh in on Colts' Carson Wentz, Quenton Nelson foot injuries, risk of recurrence

IndyStar reports on foot injuries of Indianapolis Colts football players and includes expert commentary from Anne Holland Johnson, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS.

Though she is not treating the players, Dr. Johnson explained that a more likely timeline for return to sport is 8-12 weeks, but not a lot of research among athletes with these injuries has been done.

She noted a small pool of six athletes who had a piece of the fifth metatarsal removed were studied and data was published in 2011, and those athletes' average return to play was 11.5 weeks.

Dr. Johnson said that this type of injury can be very painful. “When the fractured part of the bone doesn't heal back to the main bone, it can create inflammation and just a very small amount of motion is painful and it swells,” adding, “When you take that piece out, it alleviates the pain.”

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