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Medical advancements help St. Luke's athlete return to the field

News 12 Connecticut featured the comeback story of HSS patient Austin Anderson, a high school football player from St. Luke's in New Canaan, CT, who suffered an ACL injury last year.

Thanks to advances in orthopedics, HSS sports medicine surgeon Moira M. McCarthy, MD, explained that the surgical process to treat ACL tears has become more streamlined.

"We do it all mostly through little scopes and so we see inside the joint without having to make a big incision. The techniques have advanced as have the products that we use to fix the knee," said Dr. McCarthy at the HSS Stamford Outpatient Center.

"I have practice tonight and I can't wait to tell coach the great news because I'm so happy right now," said Austin who was recently cleared to return to football.

Watch the full segment at Connecticut.news12.com. This also aired during the July 18, 2018 broadcast.