15:02 PM

Intravenous ketorolac substantially reduces opioid use after fusion

SpinalNewsInternational.com reports on the early findings of a double-blind randomized study led by Sravisht Iyer, MD, spine surgeon at HSS, evaluating intravenous ketorolac and opioid use following lumbar spine fusion. These findings were presented at the 26th International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques in the Netherlands.

Dr. Iyer and his colleagues found that intravenous ketorolac reduces opioid use after spine fusion by more than 40 percent compared to placebo, and over 30 percent compared to intravenous acetaminophen. The researchers observed improved pain control on postoperative day one, and a decreased length of stay. Furthermore, they did not observe an increase in in-hospital complications.

SpinalNewsInternational.com spoke to Dr. Iyer about the findings, who remarked, “Opioid use following elective surgery contributes not insubstantially to the opioid epidemic. The early results of this double-blind randomized trial provide compelling evidence that the intravenous ketorolac can optimize postoperative pain control as part of a multimodal analgesic regimen.” Dr. Iyer concluded, “It will be important to follow these patients over the longer term and ensure this limited postoperative dosing of ketorolac does not negatively impact fusion rates.”

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