13:26 PM

Five Exercises to Boost Speed and Agility

The Wall Street Journal features exercises to boost speed and agility from Karen M. Sutton, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS and chief medical officer for World Lacrosse.

Dr. Sutton explained playing lacrosse requires these skills because being able to think on your feet and change directions quickly is crucial on the field, and also help avoid injuries in day-to-day life.

Dr. Sutton demonstrated five drills to help increase stamina and dexterity, with a focus on quick movements and coordination. She advised starting slow and focusing on full control of the movements before building speed.

The workout included star jumps, shuttle runs with burpees, mini hurdles, the Ickey Shuffle and a five dot drill.

Read the full article at WSJ.com. A subscription is required to access. This article also appeared in print on June 29, 2021.