16:26 PM

Building a Business with Sport Psychologist Deb Roche

In this Madam Athlete podcast interview, HSS sports psychologist Deborah N. Roche, PhD, discusses her background and career development.

Dr. Roche shares insight into networking to build a sports psychology practice and how she sets limits and boundaries, including how she recharges.

Additionally, she offered advice to other women looking to go into sports psychology. “Get as much experience you can get working around athletes and understanding the culture and unique needs… they do have unique pressures on them. Get as much experience on the ground as you can and observing. The whole community makes this work and if you don’t understand the entire landscape you will miss important pieces that help everybody because you are there to help the best way you can,” cited Dr. Roche.

Listen to the full episode at Madamathlete.com.