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Best Knee Braces For Seniors Of 2021

Forbes Health discusses types of knee braces for seniors according to experts including Daphne A. Scott, MD, sports medicine physician at HSS and a Forbes Health 2021 Advisory Board member.

Dr. Scott advised that unloader braces can be used on patients with arthritis in a particular side of the knee and this type of brace puts pressure on the opposite side and opens space.

However, she strongly advises patients not to put themselves in an unloader brace without first consulting a physician. “If someone has a big knee injury, it’s swollen, they’re limping or they can’t handle weight bearing, they absolutely need to be evaluated by a doctor,” she said.

Dr. Scott explained that fit is one of the most important factors when it comes to finding the right knee brace. She noted, “If you have a knee brace that doesn’t fit, you’re not going to use it, which defeats the purpose.”

She also recommended going to a specialty brace orthosis provider or a medical supply store where specialists can assist with finding the right size brace.

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