08:00 AM

When Do I Need A Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Versus MRI?

Daily Voice Bridgeport features a bylined article by Theodore T. Miller, MD, FACR, chief of division of Ultrasound at HSS, on musculoskeletal ultrasounds versus MRIs.

Dr. Miller writes that while both are excellent for evaluating patients, each modality has different strengths so it’s best to determine which is most appropriate for each case.

"At the HSS Stamford facility at Chelsea Piers, patients can be assured that they are getting the same world-quality MR imaging and sonography that they would if they traveled to the main campus in New York City. Integration of our imaging modalities allows HSS radiologists and clinicians access to patient’s studies, regardless of which HSS facility in which it was performed," explains Dr. Miller.

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