11:38 AM

What’s my risk of injury playing pickleball?

Jordan D. Metzl, MD, sports medicine physician at HSS discusses the risks and benefits of playing pickleball with The Washington Post. 

Although pickleball injuries' are becoming more common, Dr. Metzl said this should not deter you from playing. The benefits — moving, having fun, building a community — far outweigh the risks.

So what should you watch out for? In pickleball, we see repetitive-use injuries, especially in the wrist and elbow, and sudden injuries from quick ballistic movements. Injuries commonly occur when lunging forward for a low shot, which can cause straining to a calf or hamstring explained Dr. Metzl. 

With pickleball, the key to staying on the court and not in physical therapy is recognizing the warning signs. Small muscle cramps often precede a more serious injury, as does an overall sense of fatigue. If this is happening to you, back off for a bit and rest until you feel ready said Dr. Metzl. 

Before starting a game, do dynamic warm-ups — like jogging in place, jumping jacks, walking lunges and air squats advised Dr. Metzl. 

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