17:28 PM

What it means to 'engage your core' and how that plays into your running

Runners World speaks to experts including Kate Baird, MA, ACSM-CEP, CSCS, exercise physiologist at HSS on the importance of engaging your core and how it impacts your running performance. 

If you’ve ever worked with a coach or PT, attended a group class at the gym, or read a set of exercise instructions, you have, without a doubt, been told to 'engage your core'. The fitness world is constantly reminding people about the connection between their athletic pursuits and the muscles that make up their midsections.

'I try to explain the core to people I’m working with as the canister of your trunk. So, we’re talking about all the musculature between your shoulders and hips,' Baird tells Runner’s World.

A strong core is a prerequisite for solid posture, which is why a strength-training programme that prioritises core exercises is recommended. This helps you build strength in the core outside of your runs, Baird said, allowing the benefits of a stable and strong midsection take hold when you actually hit your stride.

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