12:14 PM

What is the 75 Soft Challenge? How to do the gentler version of 75 Hard

Today.com reports on the 75 soft challenge, a 75-day regimen that provides strict rules for diet, exercise and self-improvement.

For people who want to join the movement, but find it too difficult, there’s 75 Soft, which can be a more feasible way to do the program, experts including Jordan D. Metzl, MD, primary sports medicine physician at HSS say.

“I think it’s both doable and realistic for most people,” said Dr. Metzl. 

Dr. Metzl advises training for 45 minutes every day, with one day of active recovery every week. Dr. Metzl likes that this rule doesn’t state what specific exercise you have to do. It could be 45 minutes of walking, yoga or strength training. 

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