19:30 PM

What is green coffee? Why the supplement's weight loss benefits aren't backed by science

Insider Health reports on what people should know about the weight loss benefits and side effects of green coffee according to Rebecca Tonnessen, RDN, nutritionist at HSS, and others.

While there is preliminary evidence that green coffee could possibly help with weight loss and blood pressure, other studies have been found to be flawed indicating a need for further research. "Many studies done on green coffee have been conducted on animals or have a very small sample size,” said Tonnessen.

"Green coffee as a drink can be safely taken as long as your daily caffeine intake does not exceed 400 milligrams," noted Tonnessen. If consumed in larger quantities, caffeine can cause side effects including but not limited to headaches, anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal discomfort and arrhythmias.

"Drinking green coffee in liquid form is fine if you prefer green coffee to regular coffee. Consult with your healthcare practitioner regarding green coffee supplements. Caution should be taken with green coffee supplements due to their caffeine content and potential to interact with other medications," she added.

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