18:15 PM

What is a Slant Board and How Can It Better Your Running?

Runner's World speaks to Robert Turner PT, OCS, MS, OM, PMA®-CPT, physical therapist at HSS about how slant boards can improve your running. 

A slant board is a wedge-shaped device that you stand on to perform stretches or strength moves. They can be made from various materials, including wood, foam, rubber, or stainless steel. Slant boards are either at a fixed angle or adjustable, meaning you can change the angle.

“I love slant boards,” said Turner. Not only does this device help you achieve deeper stretches compared to on-the-ground exercises, it’s also really effective for dialing up the intensity of certain strength moves.

Turner described calf stretching as a “preventative measure” and says it’s especially important for long-distance runners and folks who run on their toes, as their calves are likely extra tight. That said, all runners should stretch their calves “pretty much every day,” he said. Too-tight calves can cause you to have an early heel lift when you’re running or walking, explained Turner. As a result, forces that your feet and ankles should absorb travel upward into the knees, hips, and low back, sometimes triggering pain in these areas, he said.

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