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What Experts Say – “Should you sleep on a firm or soft mattress?”

CreditDonkey discusses whether you should sleep on a firm or soft mattress.

HSS physiatrist, Jonathan S. Kirschner, MD, RMSK, explained he is not in favor of any one particular mattress (firm or soft), but it has to be just right. “Different people find different degrees of firmness more or less comfortable so to a large degree it's a personal decision,” said Dr. Kirschner. “That being said if the mattress is too soft it may not provide enough support and can cause issues. Likewise a mattress that is too firm may not accommodate the natural contours of the human body and put stress and pressure points in certain areas that may cause pain. If the mattress is too worn out making it soft then it should be replaced but otherwise there isn't an ideal degree of firmness universal to everybody,” he added.

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