16:20 PM


TV3GH’s ‘MIDDAY LIVE’ reports medical staff at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in Ghana received anesthetic training from Mark Brouillette, MD, anesthesiologist at HSS, as part of the HSS GRACE [Global Regional Anesthesia Curriculum Engagement] program, to improve services in orthopedics and plastic surgery.

Dr. Brouillette discussed the collaboration, stating, “I first started coming to KATH about 10 years ago and participated in some research projects where we studied orthopedic trauma, as well as anesthesia care. And what we found was happening there was a huge number of cases where the arms and legs were being injured especially during road traffic crashes. Our [HSS] program which is called GRACE – GRACE stands for Global Regional Anesthesia Curriculum Engagement, started a little over a year ago now, and we met with good results so far.”

Watch this segment here beginning at 17:00. This segment aired on June 28, 2019.