10:54 AM

This Is the Difference Between Building Muscle Strength and Endurance, According to Experts

POPSUGAR reports on the differences of building muscular strength (the maximal load that a muscle can move) and muscular endurance (the amount of repetitions that an individual can do of any type of an activity), according to HSS exercise physiologist Ashley Fluger CSCS, CPT and others.

Fluger advised to focus on fewer reps when building muscular strength (anywhere between eight and 10 reps), and for muscular endurance, higher repetitions in the 10-20 rep range. It is important to focus on both, added Fluger, noting “as you increase someone’s muscular endurance, there also are strength gains”.

When it comes to specific programming for workouts focused on muscular endurance and muscular strength, Fluger emphasized the importance of working with a professional to help you establish a baseline, in addition to completing a fitness assessment as physical abilities and backgrounds vary.

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