10:14 AM

The 4 Most Common Turkey Trot Injuries Doctors See Every Year

Huff Post reports on the most common turkey trot injuries according to experts including Pamela Geisel, MS, CSCS, TPI, RRCA Coach, exercise physiologist at HSS. 

Thanksgiving week brings a lot of joyous experiences — turkey, family time, time off from work and, for many people, turkey trots.

While turkey trots are decidedly fun runs, they can still be tough. In fact, sports medicine experts say there are turkey trot injuries you should know about, along with some tips for avoiding getting hurt. 

According to Geisel, runner’s knee — an achy or painful knee — is one of the most common turkey trot injuries.

“Because they’re undertaking this activity that is plyometric-based — it is a single leg sport, you’re jumping from one foot to the next and you’re doing it repetitively.  And that just adds up over time, particularly if you don’t have the strength or endurance to maintain it,” Geisel said.

She also pointed out that turkey trot participants often join the run with friends or family as an annual tradition and may not be used to consistent running or strength training, which can lead to overuse injuries like this one.

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