14:19 PM

The 2022 Lee C. Howley Sr. Prize Recipient

Arthritis Foundation presents the 2022 Lee C. Howley Sr. Prize to Mary K. Crow, MD, Physician-in-Chief Emerita at HSS, for her outstanding contributions to arthritis research and for her recent efforts as an expert on the Arthritis Foundation Medical & Scientific Advisory Community (MSAC), which she co-chairs.

This highly coveted award is given annually by the Arthritis Foundation to a researcher whose contributions to the organization’s scientific agenda have led to significant advances in the understanding, treatment or prevention of the various forms of arthritis and related diseases.

Over the years, Dr. Crow’s research has focused on the induction and regulation of human autoimmune diseases and continues to investigate the cellular and cytokine mediators of immune system activation and inflammation in those disorders. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Crow on this honor.

Read the full announcement at Arthritis.org.