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Taking A Load Off: Running After Breast Reduction

Another Mother Runner featured HSS primary care sports medicine physician Marci A. Goolsby, MD, in an article about running after breast reduction surgery.

"The most common reason to get breast reduction is back pain which is particularly true if you're doing sports," Dr. Goolsby explained.

Dr. Goolsby advised receiving clearance from your surgeon prior to resuming running.

"The risk of running before your surgeon has cleared you is opening the wound, opening the incision. You may look at your incision and think that it is perfectly healed, but there's a potential for going out too early and damaging the tissues deep inside," she added.

When discussing how to select a new sports bra, Dr. Goolsby noted that "there are different levels of support. You have to try on what feels supportive and comfortable for you."

Read the full article at anothermotherrunner.com.

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