15:43 PM

Take Steps to Protect Your Feet This Winter

HealthDay reports on steps you can take to protect your feet this winter, offering tips from HSS foot and ankle surgeons Mark C. Drakos, MD, and Andrew J. Elliott, MD,  physiatrist James F. Wyss, MD, PT, and sports medicine surgeon Tony Wanich, MD.

"Our feet change as we get older, and footwear that fit us last year may now be too tight," said Dr. Drakos. "Squeezing your feet into shoes that are too snug can lead to foot pain, blisters, bruises and other problems."

"It may seem like common sense, but the first winter storm of the season often catches people off guard, and we tend to see more injuries," said  Dr. Elliot.

Before hitting the slopes, do some strength training and conditioning to get your body ready, according to  Dr. Wyss. "Everyone should also take the time to warm up before an athletic activity," he said. "This is essential to prevent injury."

Wearing a shoe with good traction is important if you run year-round, added Dr. Wanich. A specialized shoe store can help you make the right choice. "Much like the way we change our tires to deal with winter weather, we advise runners to wear the appropriate shoes for the season," he said.

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