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Surgeon: Three keys to coming back from a torn ACL

The Journal News interviews Stephen J. O'Brien, MD, MBA, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, who explains that in general, his patients can expect to return from a torn ACL after approximately four months. He notes that he believes his patient, John Jay High School lacrosse player Braden Burke, will see a successful return after his torn ACL.

"If you're weightless for a week, just like an astronaut, you can lose up to 10 percent of the bone and muscle mass per week," Dr. O'Brien said.  "I want them to load the leg right away. I use crutches for balance, but not to un-weight their leg so they don't atrophy."

He explains that recovery methods may vary from doctor to doctor.

Dr. O'Brien shares three keys to recovery which include looking on the bright side, getting a good physical therapist and not being afraid.

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