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Sideline Data - Pitch Counts

LeagueApps interviewed HSS director of Sports Safety Joseph Janosky MS, PT, ATC, about preventing overuse injuries in youth athletes.

For injured athletes, Janosky explained that rest should be an active component in their training regimen.

When discussing preventing ACL injuries, Janosky noted the importance of education and awareness. "Most people don't recognize there's a specific technique to running, cutting and changing direction," he said.

"We need to really embrace the education component and these primary interventions of what to do to avoid these issues altogether in the first place," he added.  

Additionally, Janosky said that there is current motion analysis technology available to analyze an athlete's speed and form while moving.

"[The technology is] largely only available to elite athletes… We need to take that technology and apply it in ways that's available on a widespread basis," said Janosky.

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