10:45 AM

Rheumatologists best at finding happiness outside office

MDedge Rheumatology reports the rate of burnout in rheumatologists was slightly higher than that seen in physicians overall (45% vs. 41%) according to Medscape’s 2020 Lifestyle, Happiness, & Burnout Report.

MDedge Rheumatology spoke to HSS rheumatologist, Karmela Kim Chan, MD, who shared her perspective on the survey outcomes. “Often rheumatologists are the doctors of last resort – when other physicians are unable to figure out the problem, the next step is to seek out rheumatology. It is not uncommon for patients to start their visit with ‘you’re my last hope.’ So there is a lot of pressure placed on us, and I think rheumatologists are susceptible to that pressure. We desperately want to be able to help,” cited Dr. Chan.

Additionally, Dr. Chan explained, “On top of all that, there are administrative burdens. EHRs [electronic health records] are a net-positive, but that doesn’t make charting any less painful. Add to that the daily insurance battles for life-saving treatments, which take up hours that are not compensated. And we still have to worry about patient satisfaction because we have to worry about our reputation.”

Dr. Chan concluded while self-care has its benefits, it doesn’t address the systematic challenges, and suggested letting providers spend more time with patients, providing better support staff and exploring the benefits of scribes.

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