10:56 AM

'Return to Play' guide shows how children can play sports during coronavirus pandemic

The Voice reports State of Play, an extensive regional research study, revealed that many children in the country who might have been interested in sports at an early age stopped doing so by the time they reached middle school for multiple reasons, including financial struggles. Project Play of Southeast Michigan has given children the opportunity to be active through sports, by offering a variety of resources to help parents, coaches and leaders in youth sports navigate the challenges presented during these times to keep kids active, including Return to Play.

Return to Play is a cross-sport risk assessment guide that shows how various games and recreational activities can be enjoyed despite restrictions such as social distancing. Return to Play was developed by the two Aspen Institute programs – the Sports & Society Program and the Health, Medicine and Society Program, based on CDC guidelines and reviewed by experts from the American College of Sports Medicine and HSS.

This article originally appeared on Voicenews.com.