16:01 PM

RA Awareness Day 2021: Rheumatologists Show Support, Provide Guidance for Patients

Rheumatology Advisor highlights the guidance and support from experts including HSS rheumatologist Allan Gibofsky, MD for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), in light of RA Awareness Day 2021.

During the current pandemic, Dr. Gibofsky advised patients “[to] continue to follow all mask and social distancing protocols as recommended by public health authorities.” He continued, “In addition, patients should not stop or adjust their medications without consulting with their physician. Finally, the current evidence suggests that patients with RA should receive a vaccine as soon as it becomes available to them.”

Dr. Gibofsky added, “Every [healthcare provider] should be aware of the impact of RA, not just as a disease affecting the joints but as an illness that affects quality of life. We can take a moment to reflect on the famous teaching that the role of a physician is to cure a few, help most, but comfort all.”

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