18:32 PM

Perfectionism Can Hold You Back from Performing at Your Best

Bicycling discusses how perfectionism can negatively affect training performance according to experts including Deborah N. Roche, PhD, sports psychologist at HSS.

Dr. Roche advised that if there are more bad days than good then perfectionism might be taking its toll. She noted, “Nine out of 10 times we started our sport because we loved it and it was fun. If you’re dreading it, it’s a good indicator to take a step back and kind of assess what’s going on."

Dr. Roche added, perfectionism “is this double-edged sword because in a lot of ways it’s what makes someone very good at their sport, but by the same token it can be defeating because you’re trying to get something that you just can’t achieve.”

She advised shifting a mindset to, “If my training partner or friend came and said these things I said to myself right now, what would my reaction be? You’d never hold anyone else to the same standard and make them feel less than if they didn’t achieve it, so why are we doing that to ourselves?"

Dr. Roche recommended a trainer or physical therapist for feedback and an objective opinion on performance. She added, “Sometimes you’re so entrenched in your mindset that it’s hard to have objectivity.”

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