08:00 AM

Patient Experience Beyond Portals

CIO Talk Network hosted HSS senior vice president and chief information officer Jamie Nelson live on-air to discuss how healthcare providers are improving a patient's digital experience.

"There are many digital ways a patient can start to interact with us. We're trying to put a common front end. No matter where or how a patient is coming in, we want that digital experience to feel exactly the same," said Nelson.

"We are looking to try and get all of our pre-visit questionnaires standardized across services so patients can do that in the comfort of their home," she noted. Additionally, Nelson would also like to prevent patients from filling out paperwork during their office visit for a more streamlined experience. 

According to a recent study done by NTT Data, Nelson shared that 78 percent of tech-savvy consumers say that the healthcare digital customer experience needs to improve.

"The same study talked about basic things patients are looking for - they're looking for searching for a doctor, accessing a loved one's medical records… Just getting that right I think would propel any institution on a journey."

Listen to the full segment at ciotalknetwork.com. This segment aired live during the March 14, 2018 broadcast.