14:55 PM

Osseointegration implantation may improve outcomes for lower limb amputees

Orthopedics Today reports on HSS study results published in JBJS Open Access led by Taylor J. Reif, MD, orthopedic surgeon and a member of the Limb Lengthening and Complex Reconstruction Service, finding osseointegration implantation may improve outcomes for lower limb amputees.

Dr. Reif noted, “Our results add to the growing body of literature that suggests this is the future of amputation reconstruction to optimize limb function and that most patients would be happier with an osseointegration prosthesis than a socket.”

“The primary question that needs to be addressed with future research is the longevity of these implants 20 or 30 years after implantation, because they are the ideal solution for young, active patients,” he concluded.

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