14:17 PM

Mike Trout’s Back Condition - Costovertebral Dysfunction

The Orange County Register sports reporter Jeff Fletcher features quotes from a conversation with HSS physiatrist James F. Wyss, MD, PT, about costovertebral dysfunction stemming from  Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout’s condition.

Dr. Wyss explained, “It’s not something I routinely see because … lots of these issues will never make their way to a specialist,” nothing that chiropractors usually treat it.

He said it is generally treated by spinal manipulation, physical therapist or chiropractor, with anti inflammatories and that it can affect performance (power in swing or throwing) while dealing with the issue.

He added, “It can be a recurring condition for some people and athletes, but I’ve also seen plenty of patients who had it once and never have it again.”

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