18:09 PM

Louis Shapiro, President and CEO at HSS.

Becker’s Hospital Review features a conversation about leadership with Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO at HSS, on a recent episode of Becker’s Healthcare Podcast.

Mr. Shapiro discusses five points on what he feels makes a great organization: inspiration, culture, people, strategy and details.

On the topic of inspiration, Mr. Shapiro said, “People need to be inspired by the organization they are a part of. If they are inspired, people who are part of the organization can accomplish a great deal. At HSS, that comes from being purpose-driven and the aspirations to accomplish things on behalf of our purpose that are exciting to be part of. We never declare victory, we’re always working to get better, trying to reach more people and trying to make people healthier so they don’t need us. And if they are sick, we are helping them to get better faster and more efficiently.”

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