18:11 PM

Lisa Sammaritano, MD, on Lupus Nephritis and Reproductive Health: Part 2

In this RheumatologyConsultant podcast interview, HSS rheumatologist Lisa R. Sammaritano, MD discusses the challenges of caring for patients with lupus nephritis during pregnancy, including the safest medications to use and how to manage flares of disease.

Dr. Sammaritano explained how she does her utmost to ensure patients will not have active lupus nephritis during pregnancy, as it may increase several risk factors. She said, “As a part of that, we counsel our patients from early on before they tell us they want to become pregnant, so that they understand if the time is right for them to consider pregnancy, that their lupus, especially their nephritis, if they've had nephritis, needs to be quiet.”

Dr. Sammaritano advised providers to “have a clear discussion with the patient and her partner, if possible, about the risks of pregnancy for her, given her particular disease, activity, damage if that has been present, and antibodies, and then move forward from there.”

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