08:00 AM

Implementation best practices: Clinical communication in the spotlight

Healthcare IT News shares suggestions and tips for healthcare CIOs on clinical communication implementation best practices.

Paul Coyne, DNP, RN, AVP, clinical informatics and advanced practice nursing at HSS, explains that healthcare organizations have to be vigilant in avoiding making four very common mistakes.

"First, having a primary goal of selecting the application, or suite of applications, that have the most robust features at the lowest price point," Coyne says. "Second, implementing many applications with overlapping functionality to placate various internal stakeholders. Third, thinking that a clinical communication tool will magically solve all of your process problems. And fourth, choosing a tool because many other organizations use it and you don't want to fall behind."

"Don't simply ask your frontline staff what new tools they need – ask them what they believe are the barriers to optimal communication," Coyne adds.

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