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HSS Tackles Meaningful Outcomes After Hip Surgery

Orthopedics This Week reported on study findings by HSS orthopedic resident Benedict Nwachukwu, MD, MBA, who reviewed meaningful outcomes after arthroscopy for femoral acetabular impingement.

"There is increasing interest in understanding what represents a meaningful outcome after orthopaedic interventions. We now understand that what is statistically significant may not be clinically significant," said Dr. Nwachukwu, co-author of the study.

"My co-authors and I have used the hip preservation registry at HSS to create an important body of work on defining meaningful outcome after arthroscopic treatment of FAI [femoral acetabular impingement]," he added.

According to the article, research findings indicated that the same degree of improvement is needed for revision hip arthroscopy patients to notice themselves feeling improved but a larger degree of improvement is needed for them to feel the most improvement.

"Patient reported outcome measures are being increasingly adopted in orthopedic surgery. There is an important need for studies like this to begin trying to define what represents clinically meaningful outcome in other areas of orthopedic surgery," Dr. Nwachukwu noted.

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