10:17 AM

How to Exercise When It Feels Impossible

The New York Times speaks to experts including Kate Baird, MA, ACSM-CEP, CSCS, exercise physiologist at HSS about how common reasons people struggle to build exercise habits. 

If you face a jam-packed daily schedule, try starting small, said Baird. Instead of carving out 30 to 60 minutes several times a week, plan several short bursts of movement throughout the day. “If you’re not able to do much, doing anything is going to be helpful in so many ways,” she said.

For example, walk a few laps around the block during lunch, she said, or sneak in a series of squats between meetings. Ideally, you want these bursts to add up to the recommended 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity and 30-to-60 minutes of full-body strength training per week.

Or you could multitask: Try walking or using a resistance band while on a phone call or watching TV, she said. 

If you want to have a dedicated workout window, Baird recommended taking a hard look at your calendar and asking yourself: Is there anything that could go, or anything you could trade for a dose of movement? Could you experiment with setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier? 

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