14:36 PM

How Dangerous Are Soccer Concussions? They May Cause Lasting Damage

As the 2023 women’s World Cup kicks off, repeated concussions and head injuries in the sport raise discussion about the lifelong consequences on the brain according to Scientific American. 

“It’s an invisible injury, so people tend to mask their symptoms,” said Teena Shetty, MD, neurologist at HSS. “It’s not like a heart attack, where you can look at an EKG waveform and bloodwork, or an ACL injury where you can see it on an MRI.”

Dr. Shetty said concussions require a multidisciplinary treatment, which may include physical and cognitive therapy. Longer-term care could require lifestyle modifications or even a change of sport. 

Players can also wear gear such as headbands and collars crafted to help dissipate an impact. Such devices are becoming more readily available, but Dr. Shetty said there’s still not enough evidence to medically support the safety and effectiveness of these early designs.

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