10:09 AM

Hospital for Special Surgery, Weill Cornell researchers discover spine-specific stem cell

Becker's Spine reports that researchers at HSS and Weill Cornell Medicine discovered a new stem cell that could affect spine care.

The findings, published in Nature, uncovered vetebral stem cells that are uniquely present in the spine. It was previously believed that all bones formed through ossification, but the collaborative research team found that certain vertebral skeletal stem cells have a key role in the development of spinal vertebrae.

The stem cell that was discovered was found to be responsible for bone formation in vertebrae.

The implication and potential applications of this finding is vast, according to Sravisht Iyer, MD, spine surgeon at HSS.

"Understanding how vertebrae develop will help us more effectively treat patients, screen them before surgical intervention, and will ultimately lead to more effective preventive care and optimized bone health," Dr. Iyer said. 

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