16:06 PM

The Exec: HSS CFO Stacey Malakoff on Retail Disruption in Healthcare

Health Leaders interviews Stacey Malakoff, EVP, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer at HSS, about the influx of retail giants getting into the provider space and what it means for hospitals. 

Malakoff explained, “Healthcare is in a moment of transition right now, and people are trying to enter the market in technology or alter how healthcare has been provided in the past.”

“Will it provide quality healthcare? It will definitely provide easier and quicker access for more people especially the undeserved and rural areas. It will also provide more knowledge about healthcare and help people catch their problems easier and lower costs of care down the road," said Malakoff.  

Healthcare providers should view the organizations as partners and competition according to Malakoff. “They are going to provide primary care services and they will be moving inside the retailers, but it depends on what the retailer does and the specialists involved." 

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