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Hip Pain While Running Is Complex, but Here's a Few Possible Explanations

POPSUGAR discusses hip pain in runners and offers insight from HSS physical therapist Alyson Mackay, PT, DPT, PMA®-CPT and others, on the causes, injuries that may result from untreated pain and prevention.

"Hip pain that occurs during running can come from several different sources, both within the hip joint as well as muscles surrounding the joint," explained Mackay. "Additionally, other body regions, such as the lower back, can refer pain to the hip region. Soft tissues, such as the tendons of the iliopsoas, hamstring, and gluteus medius and maximus muscles can generate pain." Jumping too intensely into a training regimen, overtraining, or poor mechanics could cause some of this hip discomfort. "Stress fractures of the hip can occur with overtraining," MacKay noted. "The hip labrum, a tissue that helps to seal and secure the hip joint, can tear gradually in cases of hip impingement, which occurs during suboptimal mechanics or muscular strength deficiencies. As our joints, including the hip joint, age, we can develop osteoarthritic symptoms, including stiffness, loss of motion and pain."

It's also possible that discomfort could come from a mobility issue, a strength deficit in the body, or a lack of flexibility. "While the hip joint performs only a small range of motion during a run, it is important that the joint has the freedom to go through these ranges without impediment," said MacKay. "Flexibility exercises may help maintain the motion that the hip requires."

Hip pain that impacts your activity should be taken seriously. "With an increase in running volume one of the more serious injuries we see is a stress fracture. The hip is a common site in which this can occur, and the primary treatment is a cessation of running and rest."

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