11:24 AM

Everything To Know About Running on Sand (Including Why It Feels So Much Harder)

Well+ Good reports on what you need to know about running on sand according to experts including Kate Baird, MA, ACSM-CEP, CSCS,  exercise physiologist at HSS. 

Running on sand is hard. Funnily enough, that’s partially because it’s so soft: Sand absorbs far more force than a road, a track, or even a packed dirt trail, said Baird.  This means you have to push off that much harder just to go the same distance on beach runs. Sand on the beach can also be slanted and/or uneven, adding a challenge to your balance and stability.

You may find that your ankles are also having to work harder, especially if you’re running on uneven or slanted sand. Baird recommends trying to find the flattest part of the sand, at least to start.

Even if it feels easy in the moment, don’t make the mistake of doing too much and hurting yourself. “A lot of times people feel like, if it feels easy, then my body must be tolerating it really well,” said Baird. “And that’s not always true—maybe the next day you wake up and you realize what you really asked of your body.”

A few simple cues can make running in the sand feel like less of a slog. For one, Baird said you’ll want to focus on taking shorter, faster steps, since long strides will be nearly impossible.

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