17:04 PM

Elite Athletes Discuss the ‘Price of Gold’

GreenwichSentinel.com reports on the panel presented by HSS and ESPN at the Greenwich International Film Festival entitled, “The Price of Gold.” Panel participants included Samuel A. Taylor, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, former New York Yankee Mark Teixeira, WWE superstar Becky Lynch, and other notable athletes and sports professionals.

The panel shared their personal experiences on the rise to the pinnacle in their respective sports, including unexpected injuries.

When treating professional athletes, Dr. Taylor noted his responsibility is to the player first and foremost, not to the franchise, when determining if a player is healthy to perform on the field. “These situations [with players] are not always clear cut. There’s a lot of grey. The decision making for a pro athlete is very different in some regards to a normal human being,” he stated.

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