08:48 AM

How to Get Back on Your Feet

Autumn Years Magazine features a bylined article by Kristina Marie Quirolgico, MD, physiatrist at HSS, about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of plantar fasciitis, a common condition when a patient has pain in the heel, and sometimes in the arch of the foot.

Dr. Quirolgico wrote a proper diagnosis is based on a physical exam and a detailed description of the patient’s symptoms, medical history and physical activities. A doctor may order an ultrasound exam to further evaluate the cause of the pain.

Dr. Quirolgico added a number of nonsurgical treatments are recommended to manage and provide relief of plantar fasciitis, which include but are not limited to exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles of the arch, lower leg and calf; over the counter medication (i.e., ibuprofen); and ice. A cortisone injection is a last intervention prior to surgery.

Dr. Quirolgico concluded wearing shoes that fit well and provide arch support, as well as maintaining a healthy weight are some of the ways to prevent issues with plantar fasciitis.

Read the full article at omagdigital.com. This article also appeared in the Summer 2019 print edition.