17:04 PM

Worried about your kids hunching over their phones? These 3 exercises can help

NBC News BETTER reports children are spending more of their free time on their cell phones, which is increasing the amount of postural kyphosis, a hunch caused by posture, which can cause back pain.

NBC News BETTER spoke to Shevaun Mackie Doyle, MD, pediatric orthopedic surgeon at HSS, who recommended three exercises that parents can share with their children to realign their posture. For instance, following a long spell hunched over a desk doing homework, Dr. Doyle suggested wall alignment breaks. “When switching homework subjects, your child can stand up straight, aligning their heels, tushy, shoulders and head against a wall, placing their arms up at an angle like a goalpost or a cactus (also against the wall). This move keeps the spine in kind of the opposite position of text neck,” said Dr. Doyle.

When children are “wexting” or walking and texting on their way to school, Dr. Doyle encouraged parents to have them spend a few minutes walking with their palms facing downward (the anatomical position), and to fix their gaze on a point that’s higher on the horizon than they are. “This posture forces them to put their scapulae (shoulder blades) back, strengthening the back and the pectoralis (chest muscles) area in the front,” explained Dr. Doyle.

Additionally, if children appear to be hunched over in their chair, Dr. Doyle recommended 5-10 backward shoulder rolls.

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