09:06 AM

Do You Have Type 2 Diabetes Burnout?

Everyday Health discusses the signs of burnout with managing type 2 diabetes, and ways to cope with stress to improve the ability to cope, according to experts.

“Living with diabetes can be challenging. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by diabetes and all that comes with it,” said Jenny DeJesus, CDCES, nurse practitioner at HSS. Burnout means being overwhelmed or exhausted by physical or emotional stresses, perceived or real. Chronic illnesses are very real stressors, both physically and emotionally. One may feel at times that sticking with a diabetes care plan is more than they can or want to handle, leading to feelings of frustration.

Experts advised to try and identify which aspects of managing your diabetes led to the feelings of burnout, and to seek help to address them and restore your quality of life. Reaching out for support from friends and family is essential to relieving diabetes burnout. “They can help you put things into perspective and get back on track,” noted DeJesus.

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