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CreakyJoints releases patient-centered gout guidelines

Developed by patients and reviewed by rheumatologists, CreakyJoints published Raising the Voice of Patients: The Patient's Guide to Treating and Managing GoutHealio Rheumatology reported.

"There are many misconceptions about how you get and treat gout, which is unfortunate because we know the cause and we have many excellent treatments for it. What I like about the new patient guidelines publication is that it uses accessible language to educate patients and the public about gout, while giving people the knowledge they need to ask the right questions when they see their doctor. People with gout, and their loved ones, should know that sticking with the right treatments will provide them with an extremely good chance of completely getting rid of gout," said HSS rheumatologist Theodore R. Fields, MD, FACP, who medically reviewed the guidelines.

According to the article, the guidelines explain how patients can speak to their rheumatologist about their treatment plan and how to ask questions of their insurance company regarding coverage.

Read the full article at healio.com [registration required].
Read the patient guide at creakyjoints.org [registration required].