12:52 PM

CNO Shares 6 Road-Tested Nurse Wellness Tips

Daily Nurse shares sustainable wellness tips and strategies for nurses from Jennifer O’Neill, DNP, APN, NEA-BC, senior vice president, chief nursing officer and chief operating officer of the HSS Main Campus in New York City.

O’Neill advised for nurses working in a hospital setting or at a larger institution to take advantage of resources available that promote mental health and wellness. “At Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), we offer coaching in both one on one and group settings to help nurses voice and face a variety of fears in a safe environment.”

She also explained the importance of leaving work at work. “Carving out time for yourself can be a challenge, especially when so many of us in the nursing workforce act as caretakers both in our personal and professional lives. Daily time to reflect, take stock of how you feel, and allow yourself to think about something that brings you joy, even if they are small moments, can make a world of difference.”

She recommended keeping both the mind and body well. “Our minds and our bodies are inextricably linked. When one is unwell, often so is the other. Making sure you are exercising during the day, getting a full night’s sleep, drinking enough fluids, and eating in a way that promotes health is essential to overall wellness and will boost your mood and increase your energy levels.”

Finally, O’Neill underscored the importance of getting a COVID-19 vaccine. “Wellness means doing everything in your power to promote a healthy life for yourself and those around you. Today, that means protecting yourself and others from COVID and the Delta variant by getting vaccinated if you are not already.”

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