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Champions in health care: The backbone in the fight against the coronavirus

Crain’s New York Business recognizes individuals who have been making significant efforts on the frontlines during the pandemic, including Shawna Townsend, patient care director at HSS. Townsend oversees a team of nurses who care for patients when they have orthopedic surgery.

During the height of the pandemic, Townsend and her team took on COVID-19 cases to help ease the strain on other hospitals. They came together to support one another in the toughest of times and helped many of those patients recover and get back on their feet. Now, Townsend is hoping to do the same with the team’s regular roster of patients. “We have a lot of patients who needed musculoskeletal care that had been put off,” she said. “It was really nice to get back to those patients.”

Townsend encouraged others to be patient with the new normal and public health measures. “When you’re going through the storm, it’s hard to see the sunshine,” she noted. “But we can be hopeful that if we hang on a little longer, we may one day be able to put this behind us.”

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