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Braves: Interview with orthopedic surgeon suggests there may be something more to Mike Soroka’s injury

Sports Talk ATL discusses Atlanta Braves pitcher Mike Soroka’s recent re-tear of his Achilles.

Sports Talk ATL spoke to Mark C. Drakos, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS, who did not treat Soroka, but provided commentary on the recovery for this type of injury.

“This is not normal. There seems to be more to the story than they are letting on. The second time around, the results are not as good,” said Dr. Drakos. The typical recovery time for a re-tear is 1 year, he continued.

Dr. Drakos added, “Odds of a re-tear after 1 is 1%. After 2 tears would likely be higher, but this data is unknown. For a pitcher, it isn’t as critical as a basketball player (in which it can be career-ending injury 40% of the time), but it is possible that he can’t pitch again, especially if it’s his push-off foot.”

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