15:43 PM

Belonging and Excellence in Nursing

In the April issue of LEADERS Magazine, Paul Coyne, NP, DNP, MBA, MS, APRN, AGPCNP-BC, senior vice president and chief nurse executive at HSS discusses belonging and excellence is nursing. 

“To lead, one should seek to attain knowledge, wisdom, and vision,” said Coyne. 

“My advice to anyone who is aspiring to be a leader in the field of nursing would be to seek knowledge in healthcare domains beyond what a nurse is traditionally exposed to, such as technology, finance and business to be better able to advocate for the needs of the patient with others. Then, I would seek to develop wisdom by combining this knowledge with your own lived experiences to develop a leadership style and philosophy that works for you and brings forth positive yield for others around you," he advised.  

“Finally, I would suggest using this knowledge and wisdom to develop a vision for yourself and for the people you are leading. The important part is that it must be the same vision. No one wants to be led by someone who is not authentic or, even worse, who expects something different of their team than they expect of themselves.  But if one truly seeks knowledge, wisdom and vision, and wants it equally for others as much as they want it for themselves, I would say that whoever I was speaking to will be a great leader and I am looking forward to learning from them," said Coyne. 

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