21:59 PM

Augmented reality pedicle screw navigation may be reliable, safe in spine surgery

Orthopedics Today interviews Darren R. Lebl, MD, MBA, spine surgeon at HSS about the use of augmented reality-supported navigation system for spinal instrumentation.

“In recent years, surgical navigation has provided a valuable supplement by providing an intra-operative “map” or visualization of the patient’s anatomy for guidance of implant placement. This GPS type concept is familiar to anyone who has driven a car using a navigation system, or used a smart phone to determine one’s location. Similarly, surgeons can use infrared cameras placed in the operating room to visualize LEDs or optical markers placed on their surgical instruments. After obtaining an intraoperative “reference scan”, the position of the surgeon’s instruments relative to the patient’s spinal anatomy can be visualized. This concept underlies surgical navigation systems which are booming in popularity. The value added by augmented reality (AR), consists of providing the surgeon with a headset, such that the navigation images showing instrument and implant position inside the patient’s body are overlayed onto the surgeon’s visual field such that the surgeon need not look away at a separate monitor or screen,” explained Dr. Lebl.

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