16:52 PM

Are the Widely Touted Benefits of an Epsom Salt Bath Legit?

SELF.com explains what people should know about the potential benefits of Epsom salt baths (and Epsom salts in general) according to experts including HSS exercise physiologist Mathew Welch, MS, CSCS, ATC, USAW-1.

“Unfortunately, there aren’t any well-controlled studies that verify the use of Epsom salt baths for enhancing muscle recovery or relieving muscle pain,” noted Welch.

Some proponents also say soaking in magnesium-sulfate water could have an anti-inflammatory (another possible avenue to ease aches), however Welch said that it’s unlikely Epsom salt baths have a positive or negative effect on inflammation, as there is no research to support this theory. While someone might notice less muscle soreness from having an Epsom soak post-workout, Welch cited those benefits could be because warm water improves blood flow and, is generally soothing.

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